Saturday, December 26, 2009

1973 Honda CB500

(initial before & after)

I know we promised you an update on Tony's Honda CB500 but we had a change of plans. I got a call from Tony on Wednesday telling me about a 73 CB500 that was up for grabs. There was one photo on the listing, so there wasn't much to go on except for the brief description the seller gave us. We went to check the bike out Christmas Eve, as usual we really didn't know what to expect. When we finally arrived at the sellers house, he was about to roll the bike back into his garage. Apparently he didn't think we were going to show up, guess we shouldn't have stopped for breakfast. Straight away you could tell the bike was dirty but complete, even the seat had minimal damage. After a little wheeling and dealing the bike was ours. Unfortunately, we didn't bother to bring a trailer so it was back to the garage to pick one up. About an hour later we loaded up this diamond in the rough and headed home. Since it was Christmas Eve we decided to wait until Saturday to go through it. First we hit the cosmetics, after that it was time for a little mechanical check. Long story short, it took about two hours and this little son of bitch fired right up!! It smoked a little at first but once the seals settled in the smoke was gone. It's not perfect (yet), our plan is to go through it and put it up for grabs at the Grand National Roadster Show.

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